Thursday, March 29, 2012


According to the Orlando Sentinel, an attorney for Trayvon Martin's mother confirmed she had filed trademark applications for two slogans -- "Justice for Trayvon" and "I Am Trayvon." – slogans to be used for such things as DVDs or CDs.

This is a horrendous abuse of the name, and in fact, the very life and the death of a young man whose life was tragically ended by circumstances yet unknown.

Jerome Hudson, a spokesman for Project 21-The National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives, says people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton" “…have used this death for all the wrong reasons. They're dancing on his grave," he said.

We must be concerned about justice for everyone. That includes, both Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman, without prejudice!

Racists and Race-baiters are to be found on left as well as on the right, perhaps more so. We must reject language of race and contain ourselves to the language of “right or wrong,” “legal or Illegal.”

We must reject prejudice on every side, and adhere to the principles of the rule of law, and the legal premise that one is innocent until proven guilty. That principle does not change with circumstances. Let’s get the facts out, apply the law, and let the chips fall where they may. And in the meantime, we must reject racism and race baiting wherever it may be found.

Never--never-- should we trademark a tragedy as was done in this case. It is the worst possible dishonor that can be paid to a young man created in the image of God whose life was unnecessarily and tragically ended. It is abominable.


lillian said...

I'm somewhat puzzled as to why the focus shifts from what happened to Trayvon based on what we know to the activities of Al Sharpton and the parents. I think the failure to focus on the facts as we know them is just a distraction and just as disturbing. Al Sharpton, Trayvon's parents are not involved in this tragic incident.

One fact seems to be ignored in all of this. If Mr. Zimmerman had not chosen to follow this young man, this entire incident would never have happened. And if he had only followed the instructions of the police dispatcher, this incident would not have happened. No one denies that Trayvon was not out to get Zimmerman. He wanted to know why Zimmerman was following HIM. In my opinion, it was Trayvon who felt threatened according to what has been reported. Let's not shift focus, let's stick with the tragic story and try to get justice no matter how it turns out.

People have a right to respond as they so desire, but no one has a right to kill without public scrutiny.

Rev. Bill Banuchi said...

I appreciate Lillian's comments, and I agree we should be focused on the facts, but then she goes on to state her own speculation of what occurred as facts. It's obvious Lillian doesn't see her own bias in casting Trayvon as the victim before the evidence is presented.