Saturday, April 27, 2013


Why would two young men do such a horrendous act like bombing innocent civilians at the Boston Marathon? I find it unconscionable that the question is still being asked by supposedly educated people. It’s their religion stupid--Radical Islam!  In their twisted minds that which we call evil they call good. That’s why you have mothers raising children to become suicide bombers for Allah, bringing honor to the entire family. It’s sick! I know, but it’s real. It’s really evil!

We need to get our heads out of the sand of liberal fantasy and face the fact that the worldwide brotherhood of islamofacists is warring against liberty. They will never stop until they win, or die trying.

The typical conventions of war do not apply to a people whose identity is caught up in the destruction of anything and anyone who will not come under Islamic rule. They sincerely believe that killing, and dying for “Allah” is a good and noble thing. This mindset places them beyond the scope of reasonable discourse.
If we are ever to win this war that has been simmering since our founding, and is now coming to a head, we will have to wage war on two fronts simultaneously: We have to eliminate the present crop of Jihadists who are hopelessly bent on converting or destroying us, while at the same time we must work to educate their progeny on the blessings of liberty and democracy. We are looking at no less than a fifty-year war to change the minds and hearts of millions of people. I question whether or not it can be done, but we must try, or succumb to tyranny.
Religion, per se, isn’t the problem. Extreme-ism per se, isn’t the problem. After all, extreme Christianity, uncorrupted by human agendas is about extreme love. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. The problem is war against true Christianity by evil in all its disguises, religious or secular.
Americans must understand that general Christianity was the incubator that gave birth to liberty, and general Christianity is the necessary environment for liberty to prevail. War against Christianity is war against liberty.
For that very reason it is up to the Christian leaders of this nation—the clergy—to take the lead to teach their congregations about the blessings of liberty, and the Christian’s responsibility to be faithful stewards of our God-given freedom. If Jesus is truly “Lord of all” then He must also be Lord of our politics, and we must teach this long neglected subject if we are truly teaching the “full Gospel.”
Like other wars in our history, this is a war against our liberty and against our religion. Like other wars, it will take trust in God in order to win, and for the next generation to enjoy the gift of liberty.  Christian leaders must rise to the challenge or our posterity will suffer the consequences of our complacency.
Yes, it’s all about religion—the good and the evil.

Monday, April 1, 2013


I’ve been hearing from too many on the right, in their attempts to defend against the same-sex marriage movement, a call for government to stay out of the marriage business. The thinking seems to be “Let the democratic process play out by letting the people decide by the conventional democratic process on a state-by-state level how marriage will be defined.”  Wrong! This is absolutely the wrong argument. Marriage is not the product of popular consensus. It is an institution devised, defined and overseen by God himself—the God in whom we declare place our trust!
Government didn’t create marriage. Federal or state governments cannot, therefore recreate marriage in any form.  The only obligation and responsibility government has concerning marriage is to recognize it as God has defined it, and protect it as a foundational principle for the “pursuit of happiness.” But unfortunately, you won’t hear this argument from today’s populist leaders. So it’s up to the clergy of this nation to once again lead the way to American revival.  One cannot separate American peace and prosperity from American morality. The very Father of our country taught us:

“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.”
 The U.S. Supreme Court should simply declare that marriage is not a construct of human government, but rather an institution ordained by God, codified in natural law, and verified through human experience as the union of one male and one female unrelated by blood. It is the duty of nations as well as of men to recognize it as such, and to prefer it for the betterment of civil society above other social arrangements.