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Rev. Bill Banuchi

The recent shooting targeting Republicans at a baseball diamond in Virginia brought to light something that is otherwise hidden, but nevertheless real, something we must be seriously aware of--that is the “spirit” of the left. That is a hate-filled murderous spirit that is intent on destroying our current President and everything associated with his administration. Unfortunately, the shooting was only a portent of things to come as the left becomes unhinged because of their loss of power and the rise of an administration that unapologetically declares that in America we don’t worship government; we worship God. This comes down to the classic battle between good and evil, and yes, between God and Satan.

Those on the left who have murder in their hearts toward President Trump, Republicans and the political right, are clueless concerning who it is that is pulling their strings. The very nature of evil is to work in darkness to conceal the author of such a spiritual conspiracy, yet from time to time it reveals itself with acts of violence, vulgar speech and hate-filled rhetoric.

It appears as though we are headed for a civil war, a war for the soul of America between the godless left and those who seek to restore the centrality of God in the life of our nation. As terrible as the first Civil War was, the next civil war may be even worse. At least during our War Between the States both sides were guided by their Christian faith, and restrained by the biblical parameters of justice and mercy.

In the coming civil war while the right still adheres to the limitations of our Judeo-Christian tradition, the godless left will be unrestrained engaging in immorality and violence justifying their actions by their stated goals. The ends will justify the means.

How can we avoid this great American tragedy looming on the horizon? We must reaffirm the truth of our creed that we are, in fact, one nation under God, and that our rights come to us, as John F. Kennedy told us, not by the generosity of the state but by the hand of God. We must agree on that standard as the starting point of all our political discourse. President Andrew Jackson reminded us that the Bible is the rock upon which our nation stands. We may disagree on what it means, but the pursuit of greater understanding and a “more perfect union” can only come from a mutual allegiance to a fixed standard, that standard upon which our founders established this exceptional nation, and upon which great leaders have looked to for wisdom to lead the greatest nation the world has ever known.

Political leaders at every level of government must boldly reaffirm for this generation what leaders like Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglas and others throughout our history have declared for their contemporaries that those nations only are blessed whose god is the Lord.

We, the people, must demand from our public servants a bold reaffirmation of our national motto--that it is in God that they will place their trust, and that they will seek to rule according to the principles set forth in the Constitution as perceived through a biblical worldview lens. We must not neglect the God issue. President Reagan warned us that if we ever cease to be one nation under God we will be one nation gone under.  May it never be!

Our children and our grandchildren are awaiting for us to go on the offensive with the love and truth we inherited from our forefathers. Let us be faithful to the call.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Prophecy for Candidates

Considering what the Scriptures say about prophecy,
“If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God.” –1 Peter 4:11
“Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good…” –1 Thessalonians 5:19-21,
this is what I believe the Word of the Lord is for those seeking political office at this time in the history of our nation:
“America, you have been singing “God Bless America” for over 200 years, and I have blessed you beyond all the nations of the world, but now you have gone beyond the tipping point of my wrath, and so judgment will come as it has to nations that have rejected me. Yet in my wrath I may remember mercy. If you will repent and begin singing and declaring “America Bless God!” and turn from your independent ways, my grace may still be shed on thee. I am looking for a man or a woman who will be courageous enough to declare that America is “One Nation Under God.” I will give him favor and turn the hearts of people toward him, and he will be your leader and there will be revival in the land. This move must be supported by the leadership of my people, called by my Name. If you will pray like it all depends on Me, and work like it all depends on you, I will do it, and your sons and daughters, your grandsons and granddaughters will know the liberty you have enjoyed and I will get the glory. I am looking for that man or woman who will declare
‘We are One Nation Under God, and that will be the guiding foundation of all my political and legislative initiatives.’
That is the candidate who will win my favor. That is the man or woman I am waiting for. I have said it, and it will come to pass, because in my wrath I will remember mercy, for I am the Lord your God.”

Monday, November 10, 2014


Now that the 2014 elections are over and we have elected a significant number of common-sense legislators and governors into office, it’s time to organize and begin to turn this ship of state around away from the rocky shoals it was headed for.

Our first course correction must steer us toward a reaffirmation of our national motto: “In God We Trust,” and a frank discussion of its meaning, and how it should impact public policy.
It’s interesting to note that even among our most conservative politicians, no one—not a single one that I have heard—has spoken about this fundamental truth that has produced the greatest nation the world has ever known. It is the architectural framework that must prevail if the American experiment is to continue and succeed.  Are they afraid to stand on what they believe? Are they listening to their political consultants advising them to refrain from using the “G” word?

It’s time for men and women of courage to state firmly—and without equivocation—the foundation of their political world view. It is as African-American Civil Rights leader, Frederick Douglass, told us,
[i]I have one great political idea. . . . That idea is an old one. It is widely and generally assented to; nevertheless, it is very generally trampled upon and disregarded. The best expression of it, I have found in the Bible. It is in substance, “Righteousness exalteth a nation; sin is a reproach to any people” [Proverbs 14:34]. . . This constitutes my politics – the negative and positive of my politics, and the whole of my politics. . . . I feel it my duty to do all in my power to infuse this idea into the public mind, that it may speedily be recognized and practiced upon by our people."

That idea is summarized in our national motto, and reaffirmed in the phrase, “One nation Under God.” By our silence we have allowed a consistent drift away from these sure moorings that have led to peace and prosperity unknown in the world from its creation.

Consider the fact that our founders never said, “In Government We Trust,” or “In the Constitution We Trust,” or even “In We the People We Trust.” No, our trust is in something even greater—the God of the universe!
Governments change; the Constitution changes; we the people certainly change, but God never changes, and putting our trust in Him has provided a firm and stable reference point, our North Star, so-to-speak, that has allowed us to live under one form of government for over 200 years, a fact that Americans take for granted, but is nevertheless unheard of in other parts of the world. We enjoy living under the longest ever Constitutional republic. Our War for Independence came at a time when other nations were also seeking liberty, but none have enjoyed the peace and prosperity we have known.  France, who had their Revolution shortly after our War for Independence has known more than seven different forms of government since then. Italy has had over fifty! As Americans, we could never imagine what it would be like to go to bed at night wondering what our government was going to look like in the morning, but in the rest of the world that is not an uncommon experience.
Why? It’s because we have put our trust, not in the unstable minds and hands of people, parties or parchments, but we have placed our trust in the unchanging sovereignty of God.

The idea that we are “One Nation Under God” also serves to provide a source of unity necessary for continued peace and progress.  We have seen the negative impact of “identity politics,” and by every measure it has proven to be counter-productive. Race relations have not improved, and studies show they have gotten worse. We must reaffirm, and incorporate into our lives and politics the truth that we are one nation—black, white, yellow, Hispanic, rich, poor, whatever, we are all Americans—one, nation, one people, under one God.  This must be the common, unifying and equalizing principle that brings us together as an American family. Someone might then say, “But where does that leave people who don’t believe in God?” Let me answer as President Eisenhower did,
[ii]Without God there could be no American form of government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first –the most basic- expression of Americanism.

So then, it is clear that anyone who does not believe in God may certainly enjoy the benefits of citizenship as long as they meet the legal requirements, but they can never be an American in spirit if they cannot even subscribe to our national motto, “In God We Trust.”

Let the turn-around begin, but my word to newly elected legislators and all those who hold public office is
“Be not afraid to speak of what you believe, and  boldly reset our nation- with a clear voice- on that firm foundation expressed in our national motto,  “In God We Trust.”
Let that be the beginning of the turn-around and I believe He will bless it and grant us success for the benefit of coming generations.

[i] Frederick Douglass Convention Speech 1852
[ii]Remarks Recorded for the "Back-to-God" Program of the American Legion, 2/20/55

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have said before—and I have been criticized for saying it—that President Obama is the first “un-American American President.”  Well, let me take that a step further. The recent release of five Taliban high level commanders is evidence that he is the first “Anti"-American” American President. His actions actually give aid and comfort to the enemy—grounds for treason. Not only is this a morale booster for the Taliban fighters, but he supplied them with high level commanders, now elevated as heroes because of their Gitmo experience.  They will no doubt help to recruit more soldiers who will kill Americans, and whose blood will be on the hands of this President. He couldn’t be more of an ally to our enemies than these actions represent. One wonders if he might be on their payroll instead of the payroll of the American people.

Congress must stop him by whatever legal means possible before he does further damage to our country. The American people must rise from their complacency or we will lose the liberty, prosperity and peace we have been blessed with since our founding. This is no time for summer soldiers or sunshine patriots.