Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Prophecy for Candidates

Considering what the Scriptures say about prophecy,
“If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God.” –1 Peter 4:11
“Do not quench the Spirit; do not despise prophetic utterances. But examine everything carefully; hold fast to that which is good…” –1 Thessalonians 5:19-21,
this is what I believe the Word of the Lord is for those seeking political office at this time in the history of our nation:
“America, you have been singing “God Bless America” for over 200 years, and I have blessed you beyond all the nations of the world, but now you have gone beyond the tipping point of my wrath, and so judgment will come as it has to nations that have rejected me. Yet in my wrath I may remember mercy. If you will repent and begin singing and declaring “America Bless God!” and turn from your independent ways, my grace may still be shed on thee. I am looking for a man or a woman who will be courageous enough to declare that America is “One Nation Under God.” I will give him favor and turn the hearts of people toward him, and he will be your leader and there will be revival in the land. This move must be supported by the leadership of my people, called by my Name. If you will pray like it all depends on Me, and work like it all depends on you, I will do it, and your sons and daughters, your grandsons and granddaughters will know the liberty you have enjoyed and I will get the glory. I am looking for that man or woman who will declare
‘We are One Nation Under God, and that will be the guiding foundation of all my political and legislative initiatives.’
That is the candidate who will win my favor. That is the man or woman I am waiting for. I have said it, and it will come to pass, because in my wrath I will remember mercy, for I am the Lord your God.”

Monday, November 10, 2014


Now that the 2014 elections are over and we have elected a significant number of common-sense legislators and governors into office, it’s time to organize and begin to turn this ship of state around away from the rocky shoals it was headed for.

Our first course correction must steer us toward a reaffirmation of our national motto: “In God We Trust,” and a frank discussion of its meaning, and how it should impact public policy.
It’s interesting to note that even among our most conservative politicians, no one—not a single one that I have heard—has spoken about this fundamental truth that has produced the greatest nation the world has ever known. It is the architectural framework that must prevail if the American experiment is to continue and succeed.  Are they afraid to stand on what they believe? Are they listening to their political consultants advising them to refrain from using the “G” word?

It’s time for men and women of courage to state firmly—and without equivocation—the foundation of their political world view. It is as African-American Civil Rights leader, Frederick Douglass, told us,
[i]I have one great political idea. . . . That idea is an old one. It is widely and generally assented to; nevertheless, it is very generally trampled upon and disregarded. The best expression of it, I have found in the Bible. It is in substance, “Righteousness exalteth a nation; sin is a reproach to any people” [Proverbs 14:34]. . . This constitutes my politics – the negative and positive of my politics, and the whole of my politics. . . . I feel it my duty to do all in my power to infuse this idea into the public mind, that it may speedily be recognized and practiced upon by our people."

That idea is summarized in our national motto, and reaffirmed in the phrase, “One nation Under God.” By our silence we have allowed a consistent drift away from these sure moorings that have led to peace and prosperity unknown in the world from its creation.

Consider the fact that our founders never said, “In Government We Trust,” or “In the Constitution We Trust,” or even “In We the People We Trust.” No, our trust is in something even greater—the God of the universe!
Governments change; the Constitution changes; we the people certainly change, but God never changes, and putting our trust in Him has provided a firm and stable reference point, our North Star, so-to-speak, that has allowed us to live under one form of government for over 200 years, a fact that Americans take for granted, but is nevertheless unheard of in other parts of the world. We enjoy living under the longest ever Constitutional republic. Our War for Independence came at a time when other nations were also seeking liberty, but none have enjoyed the peace and prosperity we have known.  France, who had their Revolution shortly after our War for Independence has known more than seven different forms of government since then. Italy has had over fifty! As Americans, we could never imagine what it would be like to go to bed at night wondering what our government was going to look like in the morning, but in the rest of the world that is not an uncommon experience.
Why? It’s because we have put our trust, not in the unstable minds and hands of people, parties or parchments, but we have placed our trust in the unchanging sovereignty of God.

The idea that we are “One Nation Under God” also serves to provide a source of unity necessary for continued peace and progress.  We have seen the negative impact of “identity politics,” and by every measure it has proven to be counter-productive. Race relations have not improved, and studies show they have gotten worse. We must reaffirm, and incorporate into our lives and politics the truth that we are one nation—black, white, yellow, Hispanic, rich, poor, whatever, we are all Americans—one, nation, one people, under one God.  This must be the common, unifying and equalizing principle that brings us together as an American family. Someone might then say, “But where does that leave people who don’t believe in God?” Let me answer as President Eisenhower did,
[ii]Without God there could be no American form of government, nor an American way of life. Recognition of the Supreme Being is the first –the most basic- expression of Americanism.

So then, it is clear that anyone who does not believe in God may certainly enjoy the benefits of citizenship as long as they meet the legal requirements, but they can never be an American in spirit if they cannot even subscribe to our national motto, “In God We Trust.”

Let the turn-around begin, but my word to newly elected legislators and all those who hold public office is
“Be not afraid to speak of what you believe, and  boldly reset our nation- with a clear voice- on that firm foundation expressed in our national motto,  “In God We Trust.”
Let that be the beginning of the turn-around and I believe He will bless it and grant us success for the benefit of coming generations.

[i] Frederick Douglass Convention Speech 1852
[ii]Remarks Recorded for the "Back-to-God" Program of the American Legion, 2/20/55

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I have said before—and I have been criticized for saying it—that President Obama is the first “un-American American President.”  Well, let me take that a step further. The recent release of five Taliban high level commanders is evidence that he is the first “Anti"-American” American President. His actions actually give aid and comfort to the enemy—grounds for treason. Not only is this a morale booster for the Taliban fighters, but he supplied them with high level commanders, now elevated as heroes because of their Gitmo experience.  They will no doubt help to recruit more soldiers who will kill Americans, and whose blood will be on the hands of this President. He couldn’t be more of an ally to our enemies than these actions represent. One wonders if he might be on their payroll instead of the payroll of the American people.

Congress must stop him by whatever legal means possible before he does further damage to our country. The American people must rise from their complacency or we will lose the liberty, prosperity and peace we have been blessed with since our founding. This is no time for summer soldiers or sunshine patriots.

Friday, January 24, 2014


Considering the gravity our time, and the message I sensed the Lord was speaking to me about His Church, I have been somewhat slow to publish what I believe to be the mission for the Church in 2014. I needed more time than usual to meditate on God’s Word and soak it in prayer as I sought not just God’s mind, but also His heart for His Church. Here is what I believe the Spirit is saying.

1. You (America) have gone beyond the tipping point.
“You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.” –Daniel 5:27 (NIV)

The people have re-elected a leader who not only neglects the rule of God, but in fact, wars against His sovereignty. As a result, God has lifted his hedge of protection and the U.S. will experience, in increasing measure, the effects of the curse. This will manifest in various ways including natural disasters, economic and national defense failures, and domestic chaos and confusion. This should come as no surprise to the “people of the Book,” as the Old Testament is replete with examples of how God deals with nations. The Apostle Paul tells us,

“These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the fulfillment of the ages has come”–. 1 Corinthians 10:11 (NIV)

So we are without excuse. Our forefathers have warned us:

“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained”-George Washington,

“It is the duty of nations as well as of men to own their dependency upon the overruling power of God, and to recognize the sublime truth announced in Holy Scriptures and proven by all history that those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord.”—Abraham Lincoln

More important than what our founders have said is what God says in His Word,
“if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes, and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; (2 peter 2:6)
Why would we expect God to deal with us any differently?

2. You must repent.
Judgment is certain unless we repent according to the formula God has given in His Word:

“If my people who are called by my Name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from Heaven, forgive their sin and heal their land.” –2 Chronicles 7:14.

National repentance must be led by the leaders of the Church as they repent of:
a) Pride and self-righteousness esteeming themselves more highly than other church leaders of different expressions of the faith.

b) Protecting factions and dissensions which are works of the sinful nature, (Galatians 5:20). The New Testament couldn’t be more clear about the evil brought on by pledging one’s allegiance to anything, or anyone other than Christ and His Gospel. Any division or “denominationalism” based on allegiance to anything other than Christ and his cause is idolatry.
This is the single most responsible cause for the powerlessness of His Church. Jesus taught us that a house divided cannot stand. His house is divided. Our divisions have been the greatest stumbling block preventing the manifestation of the supernatural power of God.
Sadly, this condition is preferred by some who would rather spread the Gospel with persuasive speech and the wisdom of men, than surrender to the sovereignty of God and a demonstration of the Spirit’s power (1 Corinthians 2:4). At best, this condition reflects Biblical ignorance; at worst, it suggests a pharisaical attitude that will not relinquish control to God, manifest in the Holy Spirit.

3. Leaders must pursue unity in Christ even at the risk of sacrificing doctrinal distinctives that are not foundational to the faith. We must practice the Augustinian rule: “In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty. In all things, love. As has been said, “If it’s an issue, it’s an idol.”
The only Biblical distinctions for local congregations identify them by their location, i.e., “the Church of Corinth,” “the Church at Ephesus,” etc. That should be the heart’s desire of every local pastor, because that is the heart of Christ who prayed that we would “all be one.” How far we have fallen!

Leaders must put off their small-mindedness, often generated by their own insecurities, and become more Kingdom-minded. They must choose between building their own church or watching Him build His Church in our midst, and being grateful that we can be a part.

4. Then leaders must be equipped with the knowledge of the role God has played in the life of our nation, and they must teach the people. Just as God told Moses to remind the people continually of how He delivered them from bondage, and led them to a land flowing with milk and honey, so too, must today’s leaders remind the people of God of how He delivered us from bondage and tyranny throughout our American history.

Then, equipped with knowledge and faith for the future leaders must teach their people to pray fervently for God’s mercy. The Church must be a house of prayer, until we see a genuine visitation from God, a supernatural presence that will melt hearts and resurrect His Church.

5. Then we must get up to possess the gates of the enemy. The “gates” are the place where decisions are made for our community, like the school board, the PTA, the town council, and any other place in the civic arena where “we, the people” gather to make decisions for our communities. We must “re-Christianize” American politics if America is to be redeemed.
Human nature does not change, and just like the Israelites, we too, have been “complacent in Zion.” And like the Israelites, our “feasting and lounging” will end suddenly, unless we repent, (Amos 6).
This is what I believe God is saying to the Church concerning our mission in 2014. I would only ask that you would prayerfully consider what I have said, and to the extent God confirms this word by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in you, to that extent I pray that you would respond as He leads you.
I would be honored to help in any way I can to see this nation come back to God, for the benefit of my grandchildren, an unsaved world, and His glory!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


And Governor Christie wimpishly throws his hands up in surrender.

Governor Christie of New Jersey just dropped his appeal of a court ruling that allows gay marriage in his state removing any obstacles to redefining marriage, and in effect, destroying the institution in yet another state as they drop one by one like dominoes to this pagan onslaught set on bringing us back to pre-civilization standards of morality. This is unacceptable and cannot stand if we are to remain “One Nation Under God.”

James Wilson, first Supreme Court justice and father of our American jurisprudence system taught us that civil law must always be consistent with divine law. Marriage has been established by the Abrahamic law, and validated by world history, as the union of one man and one woman, period! Any deviation from that standard sets us further back toward the stone age. The lie that has been perpetrated is that same-sex marriage is a “progressive “ step forward, when the reality is that it is a major step backward, regressing toward pre-civilization hedonistic standards. Simply look at the historical record. Emperor Nero’s Rome practiced same-sex marriage. In fact, the historian Tacitus tells us that Nero had at least two husbands. I guess he didn’t like Christians telling him what God said about marriage so he turned them into human torches to light up his garden at night. Is that where we are headed? No? You don’t think so? I’ve already been called every name in the book and have had death threats on my phone simply because I believe that what God has defined no man, no judge, no government can redefine. Rome eventually outlawed same-sex marriage as it became more civilized because it became more “Christianized.” We are now going in the opposite direction!

The Church, and in fact, all common-sense Americans who care about the nation we’re leaving to our posterity must rise up or this pagan conquest that has already taken the Northeast will continue until we are no longer One Nation Under God. Ronald Reagan warned us, “If we ever cease to be one nation under God we will be one nation gone under.” Rise up O men and women of God, or we will be praying for God’s mercy!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It appears that Barak Obama is about to launch a "limited" strike against the Syrian regime in response to their use of chemical weapons against their own citizens. This decision was prompted by the fact that Obama declared that the use of chemical weapons would cross a "red line" that would result in serious consequences. Now his bluff is being called, and he must act or be seen as a weak ruler whose word means absolutely nothing.

In other words, he is being shamed into action. This is not exactly the best rationale for military action, nor is it a reasonable substitute for an intelligent foreign policy.

Moreover, a decision motivated by a need to protect someone's ego could easily result in a greater fiasco than the unthinking politicians could ever imagine. A limited attack on Assad could be just enough to  provoke him to retaliate against Israel, bringing an escalation that will ignite the tinderbox of the entire Middle East. Obama could, in fact, play the role of the proverbial instigator who starts a fight then walks away. In this case the people of the Middle East will become the victims of failed U.S. foreign policy, or rather, failed random military actions in the absence of any real “foreign policy.”

To make matters worse, the public announcement that the goal is not regime change takes all the teeth out of any action that may be taken. As long as Assad believes he will be untouched, he will continue to fight and kill to maintain power.

This may very well be the beginning of that last World War. Unfortunately, our government is led by incompetent self-serving people who live in a fantasy of their own making. When reality hits all hell may break loose. Are we ready?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision legitimizing the idea of considering same-sex marriage to be within the scope of civil liberties will have unintended consequences that very few could even imagine. In fact, I believe the seeds for another war between the states have just been sown. Let me explain.

Those who ascribe to the idea that we are “One Nation Under God” believe that there are some basic, fundamental principles established by God that can never be negotiated away;  three in particular are expressed in the Manhattan Declaration: the Sanctity of Life, the historical definition of Marriage, and Religious Liberties.
The history of the United States has been, until recently, the history of achieving a more perfect union by improving our institutions and standards to provide greater opportunities for everyone.  All our advances for equality have been initiated by people of faith motivated by their understanding of God’s will as reflected in the Bible.  Abolition of Slavery, Women’s Suffrage, the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, these were all fueled by the Biblical understanding of God’s plan for a peaceful and orderly society. Though all these initiatives experienced resistance at their outset, they were eventually assimilated into our culture and now seen as legitimate progressive steps in our journey toward that “more perfect union,” because they were consistent with Biblical ideals and also reflected in natural law.

There have been some missteps along the way. The Dred Scott decision of 1857 which dehumanized blacks, declaring slaves to be “property” not entitled to citizenship or recognition as human beings, launched a long Civil Rights struggle that led to the eventual overturning  of that decision,  because the Bible clearly establishes the equality of all regardless of skin color. As the electorate became more educated concerning this issue it eventually absorbed this “truth” into the fabric of our culture though we paid a great price in blood and treasure, coming close to committing national suicide in our first War Between the States, in which we lost more than 500,000 citizens.

The Roe. V. Wade decision of 1972 likewise spawned a “pro-life” movement led, again, by the Church, because the Bible, and natural law clearly speaks to the sanctity of every human life, and the need to protect the most defenseless among us. As society has become educated on this issue popular opinion has been steadily becoming more “pro-life.” As the U.S. Supreme Court reflects culture, it will eventually overturn another “bad” decision, this time at a cost of the lives of more than 50 million babies.
Now the U.S. Supreme Court has, in effect, given the green light for homosexual rights groups to pursue a universal redefinition of marriage. As they attempt to impose their morality on America, some “progressive” states will acquiesce to their sense of equality based on the religious view of Secular Humanism that declares that there is no higher standard of morality than that which is established by human reasoning. States whose people and institutions still subscribe to the Judeo-Christian standard of morality will never acquiesce to an imposed anti-biblical standard of morality, even if imposed by the U.S. Supreme Court or federal regulatory authorities.
What will make this conflict different than the abortion issue is that no American is being compelled by law to abort a baby, however the same-sex marriage movement is moving toward compelling Americans to recognize homosexual unions as a legitimate moral union, even calling it “marriage”. This will present a clear conflict where people of faith will have to choose to obey God rather than man. State governments that recognize that “It is the duty of nations as well as of men to acknowledge their dependence upon the overruling power of God”  will never bow down to dictates contrary to the standards set by God. One of the mottos from our first war for independence  “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” will ring out once again.

I can foresee the day when  people of faith will begin to move toward “faith-friendly” states while humanists will continue to build power in their “progressive” states, thus polarizing the country even more than it has been polarized by the current left and right ideologies, until there will be two standards of morality. This will prove to be untenable in these “United” States of America. We will be, in effect,  as one writer called it, “The Divided States of America.”
There are certain truths that must be agreed upon by all Americans if we are to continue to live with the peace and prosperity that we have known since our founding. The most fundamental truth is that our rights come to us not from the generosity of the state but by the hand of God. Yes, we can debate the meaning of those rights in our various state and federal legislatures, but we must never depart from the laws of nature and nature’s God, or we will surely experience civil discord, chaos, and yes, possibly even war.

Either we will be one nation under God, or many nations under man. Let us pray for the former to avert the conflict and chaos that will result from the latter. Let the seeds sown by the U.S Supreme Court not sprout a harvest of discord and strife, and yes, possibly war between the states. Let us pray and continue to work toward realizing that more perfect union—One Nation Under God.