Saturday, October 6, 2018

Immediate Release April 24, 2018

Statement from the New York Faith & Freedom Coalition concerning the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for the U.S. Supreme Court

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After a long and unbecoming confirmation process, the United States Senate today confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as the next associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. We congratulate Brett Kavanaugh and thank God for his hard fought confirmation 

This historic event has brought to the fore the very nature of the conflict we will see in the coming months and years as we strive toward a “more perfect union.”
When a tube is squeezed what’s inside will come out. Well, the tube called the Democrat Party has been squeezed by the nomination of an originalist for the highest court in the land, and visible to all, out came hate, lies, false accusations, vulgarity and contempt for authority and our Constitutional republic. This reveals the spirit of the Democrat Party, and it is nothing less than demonic at its source.
That’s why there are no longer “moderate” Democrats. Decent Americans would no longer have their good names associated with such godlessness and are disassociating with the Democrat Party in numbers never seen before.
In fact, the recent antics of the Democrat Party should signal the beginning of the end of a Party taken over by militants blinded by hate and intolerance.
The November elections will tell. Let us pray that Americans vote for civility and a restoration of our founding principle, “One Nation Under God.”