Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What President Obama's Endorsement of Same Sex Marriage Tells Us.

President Obama’s public statement affirming his endorsement of same-sex marriage reveals quite a number of things about him that should disqualify him from re-election in the minds of any reasonable and intelligent American.

First he said he has “evolved” to this position. This indicate he is not a man of principle but rather “goes with the flow.” In other words, he is like a reed in the wind. Whichever way the people lead him he will eventually go.  That is not leadership, but rather follower-ship.

One doesn’t “evolve” to a lower position. Evolution suggests development, not degradation. Same-sex marriage can only be seen as evolution if one is looking through the wrong end of the historical telescope. “Marriage” defined as the union of a male and a female was brought into the world by the Jewish law, bringing civilization to the earth. Obama would have us devolve to a pre-civilization state. That’s not moving “forward,” but rather backward.

Secondly he said it’s a “generational” thing, indicating that he learned much from his children. I thought it was up to the parents to teach the children right from wrong, not the other way around.

He went on to say that he was influenced by his family and friends, but he neglected to address the millions of Americans of more than thirty states that have codified marriage in state law as the union of a man and a woman. He’s not considering their view. This indicates that rather than being a President of the people, he is President of a special interest group trying to impose their morality on the rest of the nation that is still anchored in a Judeo-Christian standard of morality, which he apparently holds no allegiance to.
This will strengthen our resolve to do all we can to preserve a peaceful,  prosperous, and a developing society for our children. President Obama is continuing to polarize the nation and assuming wrongly that the nation will follow.

This is not about “civil rights” or “marriage equality.” Everyone has the equal right to marriage, but no one has the right to redefine the word to suit their standard of immorality.

Marriage is a non-negotiable issue second only to the life issue. We will fight for those values that have preserved our nation:  our peace, our prosperity and our liberty, and we will do all we can to elect men and women who will lead us in the “right” way.