Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ignorance and arrogance, a dangerous combination. Unfortunately, this is what was demonstrated by President Obama’s recent big speech on the economy. He reminds me of the boy who found a hole in his blue jeans and was afraid his Mommy would yell at him so he grabbed the scissors to cut the hole out, so it wouldn’t be there when Mommy came home.

Unfortunately for our nation, this current administration is so deluded with Keynesian economic fantasy that no dosage of reality will apparently shake them from their mission to control, as they see it, an ignorant populace until they can usher in their egalitarian Utopia, “peace on earth” and a “chicken in every pot.”

They truly believe that it is an established fact that government is the answer. If one stimulus didn’t work, then obviously it must have been too small. Let’s go for more stimulus. Sure, cut the hole out of the jeans and see what you end up with. What is it that is said about the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? If it’s not insanity, then we’re left with ignorance. There are no other choices.

Then you have the arrogance that is reflected in the tenor of the President’s speech as though he were scolding the Congress and the American people. Today he made another speech to Congress, showing up 30 minutes late, as usual, demonstrating his lack of respect, and his lack of accountability to those whom he is supposed to serve. It’s that arrogance that makes him unteachable. When he is fired by the American people in 2012 he will no doubt conclude that the American people were just not ready for him; we aren’t smart enough to appreciate his wisdom. Any student of world history will be familiar with that particular personality type as being characteristic of your average narcissistic tyrant dictator. Thank God for the separation of powers in our system that helps to protect us from such personalities, but only so long as we remain vigilant.

The demonstrated ignorance and arrogance -not to speak of the incompetence- of this current administration sends a clear message to reasonable thinking Americans: We must choose leaders who are educated in the ways of American traditions and values, and who are running for office, not because they are motivated by political ambition, but because they sense a divine calling to help lead America toward peace and prosperity for the benefit of the next generation.

Our experiment with a post modern humanist celebrity president has failed. It’s time to choose men and women who fear God and who understand the time-tested values that have made America the envy of the world because we were “One Nation Under God.” We must be so again, or succumb to ignorance and arrogance. The recent election in New York’s 9th Congressional District where a Democratic majority voted overwhelmingly for a conservative Republican encourages me in the knowledge that Americans, even in New York, are neither ignorant nor arrogant, but rather intelligent and humbly grateful for God’s grace shed on us.