Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Not only is the present administration set to free 17 Chinese Jihadists on American soil, and let the American taxpayer support them via our welfare system, but now, all they have to do is claim to have been “tortured” and they can apply for almost 9 million dollars in federal grant money that the Department of Human Services has made available, through the Office of Refugee Resettlement. [i] This is absolutely nuts!

Not only will these Jihadists enjoy a life in America with more “blessings” than they’ve ever known, but now we will support them, and educate them so they can fine-tune their Jihadist training to bring down our system of liberty under God, to set up their system of Sharia law: bondage under Allah.

Looking at this most objectively one would have to ask, and seriously ponder, where does the insanity really lie? We’re financing our own demise. God help us.

[i] Department of Health & Human Services Funding Opportunity Number HHS-2009-ACF-ORR-ZT-0050