Saturday, April 16, 2011

How The World Sees Us

"Let me be clear: I'm not normally in favor of boycotts, and I love the American people. I holiday in their country regularly, and hate the tedious snobby sneers against the United States . But the American people chose to elect an idiot who seems hell bent on insulting their allies, and something must be done to stop Obama's reckless foreign policy, before he does the dirty on his allies on every issue."

The above is a direct quote from The London Daily Telegraph Editor On Foreign Relations. The present administration is destroying our image abroad. In their attempts to befriend our enemies and disown our friends the only thing they have gained is the disrespect of the entire world.

Our friends can no longer count on us and our enemies laugh at us. Consider Libya for example. We should have gone in there, taken out Quadaffi, and helped the “Freedom Fighters” set up a new parliamentary government. Never mind that other Arab countries may not like our strong involvement. We’re not here to win popularity contests. We don’t need them to like us; we need them to respect us. We’re here to help freedom ring wherever Congress, the voice of the people, and the Lord lead us.