Monday, June 27, 2011

Same-sex Marriage is Regressive

I’m tired of hearing same-sex marriage proponents pontificate about how “progressive” and “socially evolving” their actions were in legalizing same-sex marriage when their actions were, in fact, the exact opposite.

It’s clear that proponents of this “pseudo marriage” are either totally uneducated (or mis-educated), or at best, they are very short-sighted in their view of world history.

Marriage was, in fact, a progressive step upward toward civilization when it was introduced by Jewish Law to a pagan and hedonistic world. The introduction of marriage was one of the civilizing institutions that brought order, peace and prosperity by defining the family, providing protection for women and a sense of responsibility for children.

Redefining marriage to make it what it used to be is not progressive, but regressive; it’s not social evolution but social devolution.

Let truth be told, even if it bursts the good feelings of those who don’t know history. There’s nothing progressive about same-sex marriage. Same-sex marriage is a step backward to the days of pre-civilization. Remember Sodom?

Social scientist Lewis Mumford explained it this way;

"Unable to create a meaningful life for itself, the personality takes its own revenge: from the lower depths comes a regressive form of spontaneity: raw animality forms a counterpoise to the meaningless stimuli and the vicarious life to which the ordinary man is conditioned. Getting spiritual nourishment from this chaos of events, sensations, and devious interpretations is the equivalent of trying to pick through a garbage pile for food." -The Conduct of Life 1951

Friday, June 24, 2011

Legalization of "Pseudo" Marriage.

Tonight the Republican State Senate legalized same-sex, “Pseudo” Marriage, further degrading social order and decency for the citizens of New York.

As an institute dedicated to the preservation of marriage and families for the well being our children and ensuing generations, we will double our efforts to right this wrong that has been imposed upon our citizens.

For the first time we find ourselves on the wrong side of the law, but when that law violates the higher moral law derived from the One who is the very source of our inalienable rights, then we must pledge our allegiance to that higher moral law, regardless of the personal cost.
Adoption of this Pseudo-Marriage is nothing less than rebellion toward God, who will not be mocked.

Despite protections for religious organizations this law will embolden the radical homosexual community to push Christians into the very closet homosexuals came out of.

This is certainly not the settlement of an issue, but rather the beginning of a new movement that will not rest until we are once again, “One Nation Under God,” and our laws once again reflect God’s order for his creation.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dear New York State Senators

A major cultural event hangs in the balance to be determined by your vote. If same-sex marriage becomes law in New York it will spark a new cultural battle in the war for decency and morality in the state in the same way that the Roe V. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court did not settle the issue of abortion, but rather gave birth to a movement that will not rest until babies are, once again, protected in the womb.

James Wilson, the first Supreme Court Justice and father of our American Jurisprudence system taught us that civil law must always be consistent with divine law. In other words, the Bible--and in particular the New Testament-- is the standard against which all law must be measured.

The Old and the New Testament affirms that homosexual acts are always immoral. We dare not rely on human reason alone. It is that reasoning that has called six million Jews “schmattes,” which means “rags” thus dehumanizing them so they could be killed in the name of human progress. It is the same reasoning that calls unborn babies “products of conception,” thus dehumanizing them so they could be killed in the name of “a woman’s right to choose.”

Now, once again, the language is being manipulated to advance an ungodly agenda. Who would object to “Marriage Equality”? Why don’t they call it for what it is: “same-sex marriage”?

Civil rights laws regarding racial equality were accepted into our society because Americans understood the Biblical truth that we are all created equal, and that recognition of this truth is a step toward a “more perfect union,” but accepting an aberration of the definition of marriage leads us further from godly order, and in fact, back to a time before Jewish law introduced the concept of marriage. Proponents of same-sex marriage claim this to be a step in societal evolution. Their knowledge of human history is at best, short sighted, and at worst, ignorant of facts. Marriage was a step up in societal evolution. Same-sex marriage is a step backward. Remember Sodom?

I appeal to your sense of humility, and your desire to rule “in the fear of the Lord.” As the Father of our country, George Washington assured us:

“The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained.”

If same-sex marriage becomes law it will launch a fight for righteousness in this state and nation that will not rest until we are once again, “One Nation Under God,” and the Bible is once again acknowledged as the objective standard against which all our laws are measured.

I beseech you: defend authentic marriage for the sake of the next generation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lessons From Weinergate

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s actions, as perverted and stupid as they were, were not an anomaly when it comes to the human condition, but rather a clear example of why we must insist on representatives whose passions and lusts are bridled by an inner moral compass inspired by a belief in God, and in the system of eternal rewards and punishment, as stated in almost all of our states’ founding documents. Our founders understood that men are driven by carnal passions with power to delude them into destructive and irrational behavior. Submission to God and his rules of order trains men to walk in integrity, until this new way of living displaces the natural carnal instincts inherent in the human condition. This moral character is what qualifies one to lead others into goodness, peace and prosperity.

This is precisely why we must never separate God from government or face having a government of liars and perverts. Remember Sodom?