Monday, April 26, 2010

The First Un-American American President.

President Barack Obama again demonstrated his prejudice against the country which he serves as president, when he condemned the Governor of Arizona for passing legislation that would simply enforce federal law to protect the citizens of Arizona against illegal aliens who now claim rights in a country whose laws they would disregard. They remind me of the spoiled child who throws a tantrum because his parents won’t let him stay out later than his normal curfew, because they have allowed it in the past. Now he thinks it’s a right to stay out late. President Obama is encouraging the rebellious child! It’s clear by now that this President is not an American in spirit. His values are not American values; his concerns are not for the people of the United States above the people of the world. His disregard for all things Christian, and his leanings toward secular socialism could not be more contrary to the American spirit.

Unfortunately, America made a mistake last election. If it is not corrected soon the United States of America will no longer be the great city on a hill, the land of peace, promise and prosperity we have become accustomed to, and perhaps have taken for granted. We must pray for our leaders, including our President and his family while we prepare to elect a new congress in 2010 and a new President in 2012.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mob Rules in Washington

Again, it was demonstrated how the present administration is governing more by mob rule, than by traditional standards of American governance. The House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct, commonly called the Ethics Committee, deliberately chose to violate the Defense of Marriage Act by recognizing same-sex "marriage" in newly released financial disclosure forms. In other words, the heck with what the law says; they will advance their radical agenda because they know better. They may even believe the law to be obsolete since it was passed way back in 1996. This is totally consistent with their view of governance and the Constitution which they see as a “living document” that means whatever they say it means at any given time.

Instead of upholding ethical standards they feel free to change those standards to appease the immoral left while trampling on our system of laws and justice. If the “ ethics” committee will not practice ethics where does that leave the rest of our government, and our nation?

We must insist that our legislators abide by our laws and the Constitution, and recognize only the union of a man and a woman as a legitimate marriage, as per federal law. This continuing mob rule is the reason why Americans are calling for a purge in the next election. The next generation is counting on us to keep the “mob” from destroying this great nation.