Friday, February 3, 2012

Obama's Prayer Breakfast Theology

President Obama used the National Prayer Breakfast to espouse his belief that Jesus’ teachings validate his intent to tax the rich. Let’s look at this as a teachable moment.

I addressed this question in one of my previous blogs which Governor Sarah Palin reprinted in her book, “America By Heart.” Here is that excerpt:

Jesus’ teachings called for “healing the sick,” caring for the “least of these,” caring for widows and orphans, and generally, caring for any disadvantaged persons who need help. This is the Biblical imperative. But there is a fundamental truth that cannot be overlooked without missing the whole point of Christ’s message: These instructions were addressed to free people, not to governing bodies. Jesus didn’t say, “Be faithful in your payment of taxes to Caesar so that Caesar can care for the sick.” He always addressed the people, because it was the responsibility of individuals to act out of genuine care and concern for others, not the responsibility of an impersonal government body.

President Obama’s assertion that Jesus’ teachings gives government the authority to compel people to pay higher taxes is a deliberate twisting of God’s Word to gain power to confiscate private property of citizens. A prerequisite for Christian charity is always a willing heart, never compulsion or taxation.

President Obama’s twist on God’s Word to confiscate wealth comes from his background as a student of liberation theology which teaches compulsory redistribution of wealth, or Marxist socialism, not Christian charity.