Sunday, March 4, 2012


There is an ongoing debate among political “talking heads” about whether the Republican presidential candidates should talk about “social” issues or “economic” issues, as if they were two unrelated areas of concern. This is a very shallow view, because the truth is that our economic problems are a product of our social dysfunction.

Let me explain. For example, Rick Santorum has come under fire for being too concerned about abortion, and marriage, yet the greatest indicator of family poverty is the issue of the single parent home. Disregard for the historic place of marriage in the culture, and the casual acceptance of sexual license outside of the marital covenant has done more to propagate poverty than any other single issue.

All the government programs established to address the issue have simply exacerbated the problem, because it is treated as an economic problem instead of a social concern. Though government programs have treated the symptoms, they have also created an atmosphere for poverty to spread and grow like a metastasized cancer. The economic programs may lessen the pain temporarily, but only a return to traditional social values will cure the disease.

When families stay together and are committed to helping one another, and holding one another accountable, economic efficiency is realized and ”waste” is not an issue.

The social values that have provided the most prosperous economic conditions the world has ever seen must be restored if the economy will ever thrive again, otherwise, we’re just medicating the patient with financial morphine, while the disease is slowly killing him.

If Americans don’t understand this, then we must educate America using whatever platform is available. Social and economic issues are not two unrelated areas of concern. We must address the social issues if there is to be any permanent solution to our economic woes.

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Joan Swider said...

Thanks for pointing this out, Bill.
I heartily agree! And thanks for wording it so clearly. We live in a world that has lifted man up above his Creator, as if He should do things our way. To do it any other way, is foolishness from the worldly point of view. Now is the time for the Light of the World to shine through us into the darkness!