Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why So Many Scandals?

Why So Many Scandals?
Simple.  Religion!  What? Yes, you heard me, “Religion.”  The present administration is too religious! Let me explain.  They appear to be radical fundamentalists in their practice of the religion of Secular Humanism. One of Secular Humanism’s basic tenets is that the highest and the most authoritative entity is the human being who has been evolving over the years to reach greater heights of intelligence and virtue.

The humanist does not believe in a superior written law like the Constitution and the Bible, because after all, we have  now “evolved.”  The written Constitution must now conform to our enlightened intelligence. That’s why they call it a “living document.” It is not authoritative over modern man but rather subservient to him.
Contemporary judgment of man is the superior authority, so if modern man makes a judgment that is contrary to some written law established at a previous time, then the law must be changed to accommodate the judgment of the man “in charge.” Do you remember the words of Richard Nixon?

“When the President does it that means it’s not illegal.”

That is basic humanist philosophy. That’s the religion—the belief system—that drives this present administration.

Seen through the lens of the religion of Secular Humanism, our Constitution and written laws are obstacles to progress. In their minds, it is a noble challenge to find ways to work around the very principles and laws that we believe have provided stability, peace and prosperity for more than 200 years, unmatched by any other nation in world history.
Just as the fundamentalist Islamofacist sees total logic in killing infidels to meet 72 virgins in heaven, so too, does the fundamentalist Humanist see total logic in undermining the Constitution for social "progress".
In effect, we are in a three-way war: Islamofacism, Secular Humanism and Christianity. As previous presidents have described wars in their time, so too is this a conflict for our religion, our liberty and our way of life.

So let’s not be surprised when enemies of the God of the Bible act in ways that are consistent with their anti-Christian religions whether it be radical Islam or radical Secular Humanism. They both move toward the same end: the rule of man instead of the rule of law. Another name for that is "tyranny".
Each scandal brought into the light represents a failed attempt at subverting American liberty, liberty  founded on biblical principles. That’s why they do it; that’s why we continue to fight.