Monday, October 18, 2010


Before you accuse me of jumping to the dark side, hear me out. Since the 1920s the federal government has been slowly but surely increasing in size, as it slowly but surely took more control over the lives of Americans. State and local governments followed in kind, passing more legislation that regulated and controlled the lives of citizens. Today, you can’t build a a shed on your own private property without “permission” from those in power.

There is a valid question that suggests there may no longer be a thing called “private property” in America. Don’t pay your “rent” in the form of real estate taxes and see if the real owner doesn’t show up to boot you off his land. Was it ever yours then?

The Federal government has gone from about 5% of GDP in 1900 to over 25% in 2010. That’s a fivefold increase in the reach of government into the private lives of citizens. There is a regulatory agency now for almost anything and everything. This totalitarian movement has been slowly creeping into the lives of Americans with relatively no objection or pushback. It happened slowly, incrementally, and the average citizen just sat back and let it happen.

With the election and the actions of the Obama administration all that changed. The sleeping giant –the free citizen– woke up. Americans went back to the Constitution to see if what the government was doing was legal, and they found a government that went far beyond it’s constitutional authority. We said “No More!”

In November we begin to reverse the course of this nation, once again, toward liberty. A slow drift to the left for more than two generations is about to be reversed as Americans –we the people– once again work to correct the course of the greatest nation in the world. Thank you President Obama, for waking us up to this important reality. We may not have done it without you!