Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arizona Decision

Judge Susan Bolton’s decision on the Arizona law, S.B. 1070, and the way she came to it represents another clear example of government by the rule of situational ethics instead of the rule that has provided the most consistent and stable government the world has ever known -- the rule of law.

When the Federal Government chooses to look the other way when a law is intentionally ignored by government officers, as in the case of sanctuary cities, and then chooses to challenge government officers who choose to insure that federal laws are enforced as in the case of Arizona S.B. 1070, you know something is seriously “rotten in Denmark,”--actually, in D.C.

If we are no longer subordinate to the rule of law we will necessarily be subordinate to the rule of whoever is in the position of power. This is totalitarianism, tyranny.

Every freedom-loving American and legal immigrant citizen must be sure they are registered to vote this November and they must vote to replace the present regime in Washington with men and women who believe that God, the Constitution and the rule of law represent the Supreme authority in the land, not whimsical human feelings.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Future of America is in the Hands of the Clergy

As we were enjoying a festive Independence Day weekend one thought kept replaying in my mind with an ever-increasing crescendo as the weekend unfolded: The future of this Nation lies in the hands of the clergy –the Christian clergy.

Let me explain. This is the only nation in all of world history that was established “…for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian Religion...” as stated in the Mayflower Compact. We have enjoyed peace and prosperity unmatched on the face of the earth, because of the effectiveness of the Biblical principle:
“blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.”

As long as we have publicly acknowledged God as the true Sovereign of our Nation, and have endeavored to fashion our private lives and our public institutions according to the principles set forth in the Bible we have prospered.
But there is a new spirit elbowing its way into American life, an anti-Christ spirit that is actively working to displace our Christian identity to replace it with the gods of Secular Humanism.

The Church is the only bulwark against such an evil intrusion into American life, and the Christian clergy are the leaders of His Church. I’m reminded of the words of elder statesman Edmund Burke, “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” So I ask, is that where we are in America? Have the “good men” done nothing, and as a result our children will enjoy less peace and prosperity than our parents passed on to us? Is this why the holy institution of marriage is being perverted into an abomination that will result in the abuse of the next generation? Is this why families are disintegrating as love is growing cold, why our economy is unraveling, and instead of being the lender to the world, we have become a borrower? Have we forgotten, or have we not known that the borrower is slave to the lender?

Corruption in government is now accepted as normal, and perhaps rightly so, since it is a government of the people. If the people of the nation have become corrupt –godless-then so must the government of the people be corrupt also, and where are the clergy? Where are the prophetic voices crying out, “Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.”

I confess, we have isolated ourselves in the ivory towers, we call our pastor’s study or office, while the world outside is going to hell in a hand basket. But we don ‘t want to get too political for fear of becoming defiled. Can you imagine Jesus saying to His disciples, “We’re not going into the Valley of the Gaderenes, because I don’t want to get all that demon stuff all over me. I need to stay clean?” I don't think so. The very fact that politics is dirty demands our attention all the more. Charles Finney told us “In a country like ours politics is part of our religion…God will bless or curse this country according to the course Christians take in politics.”

Will the clergy lead the army of God to redeem America, as the last best hope for a dying world, a world in need of the Gospel message we have been entrusted with?
Will the Christian clergy of this nation quit preaching dead sermons to dead congregations and begin to set their pulpits ablaze with glory preaching the righteousness of God, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, and witness Christ confirming His Word with signs and wonders bringing our nation to its knees in repentance, that we might once again give the Sovereign His rightful place of authority over our land?

The clergy will have to come out from their offices, and even out from their church buildings and proclaim God’s will at the school board meeting, at the town council meeting, at the County seat, wherever the “gates of the city” are found to set the course for our citizens. It is our Biblical mandate, not to complain or criticize those who sit “at the city gates” but to “posses the gates.” It is the Christian clergy, and those that they have equipped who are to be sitting in those positions of authority, not the godless.

It defies all logic to expect ungodly people to rule in godly ways. Mind you, God isn’t calling every believer to get directly involved with politics, but he is calling some. The clergy must identify and equip those who God has called for the work of this particular ministry. It is a mission field.

We just celebrated 234 years of Independence sparked by what King George called “that Presbyterian rebellion.” The future of this great Nation “under God” is still in the hands of the Christian clergy. What kind of stewardship will we exercise? When we stand before Him who sent us, how shall we answer? There is no doubt the Church will be triumphant. The question is, “Who will march in the parade?”