Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who Will Serve Who?

I hear people asking questions like, “How can he (the President) talk about going on a 17 day holiday to Hawaii when this country is in so much trouble? “ and “Why is he always playing golf?,” and so on. It seems as though the presidency of the United States is one big party for him, and if he has to govern a little bit to justify his position, and he can’t get away with just voting “present,” oh, well, he’ll just have to do as little as necessary in between vacations and basketball games.

To understand the mindset of President Obama and others like him, one must understand a fundamental difference between the liberal and the conservative mind.

Conservatives, generally subscribe to the world view that there is a God who reveals himself in the Scriptures as "Lord," and we are His “servants.” He is the absolute; we are the variables. His agenda is set; we must conform our lives to His agenda and standards. The center and ultimate authority for most Conservatives is God.

The center and ultimate authority in the lives of most liberals is “self.” Even those who profess faith in God are easily unveiled by their godless deeds, such as the support for abortion and homosexuality, and their every-day speech which never includes references to God except in a scripted political exercise. President Obama demonstrates by his actions that he is a de facto Secular Humanist. His actions demonstrate a faith in no authority higher than humanity. This naturally leads one to believe that one who has risen to the office of the “leader of the free world” is now due the homage of a grateful people. He is now the center of his universe and pays deference to no one, except, of course, when he must feign humility to maintain his position.

This liberal world view is a universal human condition when God is not in the picture. It is easily seen in every area of public and private life: in the teachers who see the students as necessary for their success, in politicians who choose a constituency that serves their ambition, such as when Hillary Clinton chose to live in New York because she believed New Yorkers would elect her as their Senator. In effect, instead of the politician serving the people, the people are serving the politician. Remember the liberal is the center of his, or her, own universe. This is even seen in liberal religious leaders who see their congregations as stepping stones to career advancement. They are more devoted to their success than they are to a congregation, and so they leave one congregation to pastor another larger congregation advancing their career. They aren’t serving the parishioners as much as the parishioners are serving them!

This natural human condition fits right in with the contemporary humanistic religion based in the false theory of evolution: “Survival of the fittest,” or “Look out for number one.”

The Conservative is not the center of His own universe--God is. And happiness is not found in self-actualization, but rather in pleasing God by serving others. This is demonstrated by the teacher who will work in a private school at half the salary of her public school union member counterparts, because she cares for the children more than she does about herself. This is demonstrated by the politician who puts his constituency above himself even when it means to refrain from running for office. This is demonstrated by the pastor who is devoted to his flock, and will not abandon them for a “larger” church, or a personal promotion.

Conservatism sees government as an agent to support the poor, while modern liberalism practices helping the poor to support the government. That’s why only 33 cents of every dollar that is collected for social welfare programs eventually makes it to the end user. The other 67 cents is absorbed in government. So in effect, we don’t have the government to support the poor; we have the poor to support of the government!

Is it any wonder then, why our founding fathers, in many of the original state charters stipulated that a requirement to hold public office was a belief in God, and in the system of eternal rewards and punishments?

They understood that unless a man (or a woman) truly believed that there was a god watching his every move, he would eventually give in to his natural sinful nature and put personal interests above the interests of the people he’s supposed to be serving. In other words, instead of serving the people, the people would end up serving him—that’s tyranny.

So then, this is what the 2012 election is all about. It isn’t about individuals, or even political parties. It’s about which world view will govern the nation. Will it be progressive liberalism that sees people more as “subjects” to be managed and controlled to meet the needs and desires of the select few in power, or will it be the time-tested ideal that has ruled, since our founding, a conservative view that acknowledges there is only One who is better than the rest of us, and His throne is in the heavenlies. It is now our duty to reflect His love; the love demonstrated on Calvary’s Hill where God sacrificed for the needs of his people.

If the liberal worldview wins, we will be set on the same path as other godless governments, controlled by self-serving, corrupt politicians who believe they are entitled to the benefits of their office because, after all, they are of the highest of the human order—a narcissistic mindset shared with the ruthless tyrants of history.

If the conservative worldview wins out it will only buy us a little more time, hopefully one more generation, to teach our children about the principles that have made America great. And hopefully, they will carry the torch of liberty to following generations.

So then, we know why Obama can “do his own thing,” without serious concern for the rest of us. He believes he is entitled. After all, he is The President. The people exist to serve him. His well being is always first. If they are complaining that he’s taking a 17 day vacation, they need to get over it. After all, he’s the President. The arrogance and ignorance of our founding values demonstrated by his administration, and others who subscribe to his world view, represent the seeds of corruption and ultimately, tyranny.

That’s why every believer and every responsible citizen must be registered to vote in this next election and must vote on Election Day. It’s not about the individual candidates or even the political parties. It’s about two ways of life: liberty or tyranny.

It’s up to us to bring this nation back to those Godly principles upon which we were founded and upon which we have thrived, particularly that principle that states that the president and the government is the servant of the people; the people are not the servants of the president and the government.



It has been a gift and responsibility to vote. He choose to put us in a country where we can vote. Let us not bury that gift, but use it wisely.
The most important thing though is that we should be about His business in spreading the gospel and making disciples.
Tom Hammond

Unknown said...

Yes Tom, we must do both: First, give unto God what is God's--ourselves, then give unto Caesar what is Caesar's--our informed vote! It isn't either/or, it's both!

song333 said...

Excellent article Bill. Every American should read this and post it. I just did...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill. I agree with Jeff. The entire world would do very well to read this letter. But after reading it I had to wonder, who do you have in mind that we could vote for that embodies the type of conservative leadership that you contrast with Obama's self serving narcissistic style? Who is running anywhere, in any party, that we could vote for that demonstrates that they have the same understanding of their appropriate role as a leader as you and I have? You are so correct when you say "It’s not about the individual candidates or even the political parties. It’s about two ways of life: liberty or tyranny." We know who the tyranny option is. That is profoundly embodied in an Obama presidency. But who is the Liberty candidate? Who are we going to vote for? We can't just vote against Obama. Our elections don't function that way.

Will you indulge a request? I am interested to hear who you plan to vote for that is an advocate of liberty and an enemy of self serving narcissism? What candidate could be a representative of the conservative mind you speak of? For my edification, can you tell me - when you think of all of the candidates that are running that you are aware of, and analyze them by the standards you lay out in this letter, who fills the bill?

By the way, I actually believe there is such a candidate. But I would like to hear who you have judged to be the one that could buy us one more generations worth of time? What candidate(s) will give us one more chance to learn and understand conservatism?

I really hope to hear from you. I sincerely want to hear your thoughts on this. If you don't prefer to answer here please email me at