Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Method is Everything Mr. President.

Lately, I’ve been hearing the President and his ilk repeat the same talking points that the method wasn’t important when answering questions about the congressional chicanery going on to pass the health bill.

What is important, they said, was that the health bill was passed, by whatever means is necessary. This gives us yet one more window into the mind of the liberal ideology setting us up for totalitarian tyranny.

The liberal mindset demonstrated by Obama, Pelosi and Reid suggests that the Constitution and written rules are what they call “living documents” and are subordinate to the intellect and the will of the "enlightened ones" who now hold power because of their intellectual superiority. After all, they have evolved to a much higher degree than the primitive and ignorant white dead men who founded this nation hundreds of years ago.

The danger here is that the Constitution which provided peace, prosperity and stability like no other nation has ever known will lose its power, and we will become like the other nations of the world at best.

America is unique because of our systems our institutions, and yes, even our methods as set forth in our founding documents. We are a nation of laws, not of human whim, no matter how enlightened one may think he is. If we ever cease to be governed by laws we will be ruled by men –evil men. The method is everything, Mr. President.

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Eric said...

Obama is so hell bent on passing his Healthcare plan that he continues to modify it until it finally passes. It's gone through so much revisions that people will (1)not be able to keep up or (2)will give up on speaking out against it and it will finally pass.

He's trying to wear down the people to the point that they give in and the bill finally breezes by with passage.

Elections in recent years, in my opinion, have had more Americans involved which shows a growing concern for the way government is being run.