Monday, March 22, 2010

Now What?

Let me repeat once again a basic principle of liberty first spoken by English statesman Edmund Burke:

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

It’s apparent that good men and women obviously did not do enough to stop this socialist assault masquerading as a National Health care bill. Can anyone, Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal really believe:

1. That 30 million more people will have health insurance coverage without an increase in cost?
2. That 30 million more people will have access to medical care with no increase in doctors, and without rationing?
3. That we will rid Medicare and Medicaid of the gross fraud and theft?
4. That the government calculations are even remotely reliable?
5. That premiums will really come down?
6. That the IRS will be able to effective administer the financial elements of this program?

It defies logic to believe any of the above will be true. Anyone who really believes any of it is obviously intoxicated with the liberal cool-aid, or grossly ignorant of the issues involved.

But good can come from evil. If Americans who believe in the principles of liberty will rise up to take back our country, we can have a revival of American nationalism, and reset the foundational principles that have produced the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

It must begin with a purging of all legislators and elected officials who will not be ruled by our Constitution, but rather insist on changing the Constitution by means other than those set forth by our founders. Every eligible Christian must be registered to vote this November and they must vote for men who fear God and who believe in the system of eternal rewards and punishment. This is what our founders believed to be a prerequisite for holding public office and it is a principle we must reaffirm.

For the sake of our children and generations to follow, get involved, get engaged, get educated and let the purge begin! Purge 2010!


Anonymous said...

Well said.

Gary F. Ciesla said...

I am heartbroken over Bart Stupak's sellout. Some of us thought he might really be a politician with a backbone. Alas, again we've learned otherwise.

-Gary Ciesla,
Highland Falls, NY

Anonymous said...

Politicians listen to who they want to when they want to. In this case, despite town hall meetings, tea party protests, phone and correspondence barrages and upset elections in three states...those politicians who wanted to listen to the party instead of the people did so or were bribed to do so. Many people were reporting on conservative stations that their protest calls and contacts were going unheeded or answered.

The truth about this progressive vote in the face of all that resistance seems to be less about "good men not doing enough" and more about our corrupt party systems and our natural pendulum swing election patterns from one party candidate to the opposite just as we are looking to do in 2010 now.

"Good men (and women)" did what they could, they used the election process in three states and protested in every means possible to counter this one sided bums rush but those efforts could not overcome the remnants of the "super majority" that resulted from democrats, independents and others doing what they were constitutionally able to do in the voting booth when given the chance.