Tuesday, October 22, 2013


And Governor Christie wimpishly throws his hands up in surrender.

Governor Christie of New Jersey just dropped his appeal of a court ruling that allows gay marriage in his state removing any obstacles to redefining marriage, and in effect, destroying the institution in yet another state as they drop one by one like dominoes to this pagan onslaught set on bringing us back to pre-civilization standards of morality. This is unacceptable and cannot stand if we are to remain “One Nation Under God.”

James Wilson, first Supreme Court justice and father of our American jurisprudence system taught us that civil law must always be consistent with divine law. Marriage has been established by the Abrahamic law, and validated by world history, as the union of one man and one woman, period! Any deviation from that standard sets us further back toward the stone age. The lie that has been perpetrated is that same-sex marriage is a “progressive “ step forward, when the reality is that it is a major step backward, regressing toward pre-civilization hedonistic standards. Simply look at the historical record. Emperor Nero’s Rome practiced same-sex marriage. In fact, the historian Tacitus tells us that Nero had at least two husbands. I guess he didn’t like Christians telling him what God said about marriage so he turned them into human torches to light up his garden at night. Is that where we are headed? No? You don’t think so? I’ve already been called every name in the book and have had death threats on my phone simply because I believe that what God has defined no man, no judge, no government can redefine. Rome eventually outlawed same-sex marriage as it became more civilized because it became more “Christianized.” We are now going in the opposite direction!

The Church, and in fact, all common-sense Americans who care about the nation we’re leaving to our posterity must rise up or this pagan conquest that has already taken the Northeast will continue until we are no longer One Nation Under God. Ronald Reagan warned us, “If we ever cease to be one nation under God we will be one nation gone under.” Rise up O men and women of God, or we will be praying for God’s mercy!

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