Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of the Union 2010

Unfortunately, the State of the Union message delivered by President Obama was a disappointment.

The President of the United States sounded like an angry juvenile blaming all his shortcomings on everyone else, and pledging to re-double his efforts to continue down the path that will be the ruination of the greatest nation on earth. He just doesn’t get it. He spent most of his time double-talking about the economy to appease both sides of the aisle. But if his track record tells us anything, it tells us that he only plans on following through with half of what he said –the half that appeases the left.

It’s clear he hasn’t learned from his mistakes handling the economy. He persists in promoting cap and trade legislation that will certainly pull the plug on an economy already in critical condition.

He doesn’t get it when it comes to national defense. As if the morale of our armed forces isn’t hurt enough by his refusal to treat terrorists as enemy combatants, now he wants to make homosexual rights in the military a cause célèbre.

What this tells me is that we must re-double our efforts, first of all, in praying for our President and all those placed in authority over us, then we must prepare to purge the government of all ungodly leadership in 2010 and 2012. The Tea Party movement is a good start, but yet we must go further to address the most fundamental issue of our national identity, that we are “One Nation Under God.” That must be our starting point.

From a foundation of faith in God and the Holy Scriptures we derive, standards, policies and laws for good government. This was the belief of our founders, and it must be the guiding philosophy of good government and politics if we are to see our nation and our culture prevail.

This is a time to learn, to teach, and to prepare for the biggest governmental purge this nation has ever seen. Yes, let the purge begin, 2010!

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