Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let It Begin in New York's 23rd C.D.

Let The Conservative Revolution begin in New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

For the last 50 years American culture has been steadily and incrementally drifting to the left without significant challenge because no one believed –except for a few prophetic voices on the fringes- that we could really lose our liberty.

Now the liberal establishment has overreached their ability to keep the silent majority silent. The radical socialist agenda being advanced by the present administration has awakened the American working class. It has been provoked to action as evidenced by the Tea Party movement, town hall attendance, and a resurgence of Conservatism. In fact, it’s time to see the beginning of a Conservative revolution, and there is no better place to let it begin than in New York’s 23rd Congressional District race where both the Republican and Democrat candidates are liberals.

Only the Conservative candidate holds to Biblical values on the abortion, traditional marriage and on other issues that are fundamental to American values.

People of faith have a real opportunity to send a clear message to the establishment political parties that we will not compromise Biblical values for political expediency. We must stand for life, for traditional marriage and smaller government.

Forget about winning the mushy middle. We must move the middle to the right. After all, it’s not a political decision; it’s a Biblical mandate:

“The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.” (Ecclesiastes 10:2 NIV)

Let this congressional race be the shot heard around the world signaling the return of our “One Nation Under God.” It’s not time to be apologetic for our strong Christian roots. It’s time to say it loud. Be sure to call all your friends and relatives in the upstate New York area covered by the 23rd district and tell them what’s at stake, and encourage them to get to the polls. It’s not just about their district. It’s about the future of a nation, a new revolution to restore liberty and the primacy of our Constitution. It’s about the beginning of a new revolution. Let it begin here, in New York, in the 23rd.

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Anonymous said...

Thank's for encouraging us to get involved. Now is the time!

I can't believe the NRCC and Gingrich on this one. While I know that in some places, Manhatten for instance, the Repubs may not be able to go with a conservative that I like. I get that, and can even support them in it. I'll hold my nose and support it even if their candidate isn't a social conservative, as long as it gives conservatives a voice/majority in Congress.

But NOT in the North County; NOT a candidate who isn't conservative in ANYTHING. NRA support isn't enough, cause Dems and Repubs. are both pro gun rights in rural areas. The Repub. Dede Scozzafava is more liberal than the Dem in this race. She's received the WFP/ACORN endorsement in the past, raised taxes over 190 times in the Assembly, wants to end secret ballots in union votes, supports homosexual marriage, and is so anti-life, that she has received the Margaret Sanger award.

The last two polls show the Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman, with a small lead.

Come on New Yorkers. I just sent a day's-pay worth of a contribution to Doug Hoffman by calling his headquarters at (518) 897-1003. There's no time for the mail.

Let's win one here and now!