Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Obama's Words Reveal His Character

Barak Obama recently told a crowd in Pennsylvania that he didn’t want his daughters to be “punished” with a baby if they made a “mistake.”
What does this statement reveal about Obama? First of all, anyone who would equate a baby with “punishment” obviously has no sense of the intrinsic value of every human life, and sees that life only in a utilitarian sense. In other words, a baby can be a gift or a punishment according to the judgment of the adults in control. With this line of thinking, one may see an elderly relative as “punishment” for adult children who didn’t plan adequately for their parents’ old age, and may subsequently feel justified in terminating their lives. This is the same ideology that has produced some of the most terrible genocidal horrors in world history.

Secondly, teaching his daughters that they can get an abortion if they get pregnant will lead to less resistance to the temptation of pre-marital sex. After all, If we make a “mistake” it can be fixed.

In this one statement Obama reveals an evil ideology, poor parental skills and unsound judgment. We need more than that to lead the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

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Anonymous said...

Obama's 'truth' about small town America reflects a condescending, elitist bigotry that argues people of traditional values "cling" to such values because some defect we can not over come holds us back. It is a common prejudice reflected in most Hollywood depictions of small town Americans.

Adaptable, superior, progressive people do not need props such a religion and "out dated" conservative values. Values such as national sovereignty, traditional morality, or faith and pride in traditions and values such as our Constitutional rights, liberties and protections that many feel made and make us the greatest nation on Earth.

When Barak needed a Gospel Tour to help win South Carolina and Southern votes he toured the state with ex-gay black cleric and gospel star Donnie McClurkin, who uses his own life to bolster the common belief that homosexuality can be a choice. Speaking to Gay audiences Obama denounces and promises to repeal the Defense Of Marriage Act and denounces black homophobia, ex-gays and Donnie McClurkin.

Our people have a 70% out of wedlock birth rate, many in our community argued the superiority of commitment to traditional marriage and family, decades before same sex marriage became an issue. Now they are haters, bigots and hypocrites to be discredited and ridiculed for 'clinging' to advocacy of traditional marriage and family to restore the black family. Progressives are sophisticated enough to know traditional marriage and family are just options amongst a growing number of new and equal options

How does one promote the superiority of commitment to traditional marriage and family to our young people, when the popular culture and now the major media and schools equate 'clinging' to Defense of Marriage with the racist bigots who opposed interracial dating and marriage?

This while those who would redefine traditional marriage as just another equal option amongst many new options, are applauded when they equate themselves and each other with Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks?

While those who do not turn a blind eye to the ridicule of defenders of traditional marriage and speak out are to be ridiculed and discredited as are the defenders.

Many of us are labeled black homophobes because we will not go along to get along, we choose to speak out as opposed to sell out friends, relatives, and real community leaders who stildefend traditional family values.

Barak Obama was playing to a liberal San Francisco audience, as he earlier played to black Christians in the South, as he played to more blacks with standing by Rev. Wright, (but not Pastor Mc Clurkin).

I think the true Barak Obama is condescending towards traditional values, and those who hold them. Barak doesn't 'cling' to values, he goes along to get along.

Google Obama DOMA, Obama Mc Clurkin, please encourage others to do so.

Tom Chandler
Guilderland New York
Proud conservative black American